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2x Micro SD Card Adapter TF to Short/Mini SD Adapter For MacBook Pro Air Retina.
PC Card, PCMCIA Media Card, and CF Adapter Cases 1 LOT = 5 cases
Sharp Zaurus ZR-5700 / ZR-5800 Books , Spreadsheet and Communications, Operation
Lot of 100 Flat Head Hex T15 #6-32 x 1/4 Screws 63214-FHH
Best Windows 8 gaming laptops
The good: This gaming-optimized Windows 8 tablet has onboard Nvidia graphics, offers plenty of ways to play games via extra accessories, and is relatively easy to set up. The bad: It's not, in fact, a laptop, but a laptop dock accessory is supposed to be ...
Can a $50 mini PC replace your desktop? We tested 3 of them to find out
While instructions ship with the Androids, they’re obviously written by someone who isn’t a native English speaker and can be hard to ... Wi-Fi we were immediately able to browse the Web and download apps. The devices detected our USB wireless keyboard ...
This $100 Samsung Accessory Represents the Future of Computing
Salvatore "Sam" is a member of The Motley Fool Blog Network -- entries represent the personal ... Rather than carry around a smartphone, tablet, laptop and use a desktop at the office; some day in the future, users will be able to replace all of these ...
Best upgrades and add-ons for your computer
There's a third option, however: You can still breathe new life into your aging computer by picking up the right add-ons and accessories ... and video cards While they might not be as sexy as a sleek new monitor or designer laptop skins ...
Accessorize it: Hot smartphone, tablet add-ons for summer
Accessories ... one of the following add-ons to help you get more out of your smartphone or tablet this season. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 Smartphones and tablets have a number of benefits over personal computers – they’re more portable ...
Pretec 256KB PCMCIA Linear ATA Flash card 256 kilobytes write protection
Tested Intel WCB5000 PRO/Wireless LAN 802.11a 5GHz 54Mbps PCMCIA PCCard Type II
(4) PCMCIA cards collector/vintage hobbyist 3Com/Netgear/SCSI/wireless/Etherlink
1MB FUJI SRAM Memory Flash PCMCIA Card ,NEW BATTERY , Tested, Formatted 1 MB
RS232 DB9 Serial I/O Port to PCMCIA Express Card 34mm Adapter Laptop PC Notebook
NEW 2 Port Dual SD SDHC MMC RAID to SATA Adapter Converter No SD Card Size Limit
Dynex 2-Port USB 2.0 PCMCIA CardBus Notebook Card DX-UC202
IBM X3550 M4 710mm SAS Cable 49Y6961 69Y1328
IBM TG4201-15V 15VDC 3A 45W AC Adapter New 40N5609
PCMCIA Card to High Speed Laptop Parallel Printer LPT Port DB25 Cardbus Adapter
Belkin IBM Hi-Speed USB 2.0 4-Port PCIe Card New F5U252 Card Only 4-External P
HP TPC-CA57 19.5v 4.62A 90W Power Supply New 709566-002
HP 6-Pin to 8-Pin Graphic Power Adapter NEW 460621-002 6-Pin-M to 8-Pin-F Cable
I-Sheng 1250w 10a 125v Power Cord New GA05000043I-MGYSL
HP RP7 USB-A DC-in DVI-D Cable Kit New 702782-001
Express Card ExpressCard 54mm To 3 Port Hidden Inside Laptop USB 3.0 HUB Adapter
Dell/Margi DVD-to-go DVD/MPEG-2 video Decoder PCMCIA PC card 1040Y
Dynex 2-Port USB 2.0 PCMCIA CardBus Notebook Card DX-UC202
Adaptec APA-1460D "SlimSCSI" PC Card SCSI adapter. Full kit. New.
ExpressCard Express 34mm to PCMCIA PC Card Adapter
New Express Card ExpressCard to PCMCIA Cardbus Card Adapter 34mm-54mm
Smart 4MB Flash Card PCMCIA PC Memory Card SM9FCSC4M002
Smart 4MB Flash Card PCMCIA PC Memory Card SM9FCSC4M001
LFH60 to HD15 Dual-Monitor VGA Cable New RGBOE9-E
Dynex DX-FC202 FireWire/IEEE 1394 2-Port PCMCIA CardBus Notebook Card
Wireless N Notebook Laptop PCMCIA WIFI 802.11N Fast WiFi Network Card Adapter
NEW Smart Modular FL04M-20-11119-03 4MB Memory flash LINEAR card PCMCIA
PCMCIA to RS232 RS-232 Serial DB9 CardBus Adapter Card P8Y7
PCMCIA Cardbus to Parallel Port LPT DB25 Adapter for Laptop Notebook
QuickerTek iQuicky 27db USB Wireless (802.11b & 802.11g) Transceiver for iMacs
Adaptec 1460 SlimSCSI PC Card Kit Adapter New Sealed
SIIG JJ-P29012-S7 CyberSerial 2-port PCI Serial Adapter
New Sealed Adaptec APA- 1460D SlimSCSI PC Card Kit Adapter PCMCIA SCSI 1807600-R
HP Intel Xeon Phi 7120P Coprocessor New 732636-001 E2M34A
Universal HD68-VHDCI 1-Ft SCSI Cable 3-01170-01 1ft Male to Male Connector
HP SuperMulti (DL) DVDRW SATA LightScribe Drive (AK869AA) New
Dual Band Wireless PCI Express Adapter Card for Dell HP Lenovo Acer Asus Desktop
Asus Wi-Fi PCI Express Adapter (PCE-AC56)
RAID Premium Feature Key
Intel 8-Port PCIe Gen3 x8 Switch AIC AXXP3SWX08080 WOLF PASS
Lenovo ThinkPad EM7455 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Card 4XC0M95181 #2
BLANK High speed PCMCIA 4mb Flash memory card for Alesis synthesizer
Intel Integrated Raid Module w/ cables New AXXRMS2AF040
Mellanox 648 Ports Infinity Switch Cable Set MTR005602 (10x) C13-C14 2M Pwr Cord
Lot-98 Intel LGA1156 CPU BackPlate A102000224-L98 Plastic for Plus Heatsink
AVerMedia AVERTV Express HD DVR MTV DVR - expresscard tv tuner
Lot-146 Omaha LS120 Adapter CTMC for 8391D 151-118-L146
IBM 09N7275 LVD-SE 2m M-M VHDCI Black Cable 09N7276 External Cable NEW Bulk
Lenovo Emulex VFA5.2 2x10 GbE SFP+ PCIe Adapter
NEW GENUINE Dell XPS 15 L501X Hybrid Analog TV Tuner PCI-Express Mini Card 4C72K
Dell Emulex OCE10102-IX-D 10Gbps Dual PCIe iSCSI 1YXTT
Dell C6220i LSI2008 2U SAS Cable Assy New NTD5P
Lot-75 Dell 23in Straight OD HDD SATA Cable New KJ401-L75
HP Intel Xeon Phi 7120P PCIe Coprocessor New 732636-001 E2M34A
HP DL980 G7 SID System Insight Display AM426-69003
HP 20M 65.6Ft BNC Connector Router E1 Cable New 3C13675
Lot-97 Intel RG82852GM GPU Northbridge Chipset SL6ZK
HP X260 T1 4-Port IMA Router Cable New 0404A045 JD640A
IBM MT3584 Molex Flexcable Track Assy New 19P6035
HP N4G85AA 7265 IEEE 802.11ac PCIe Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Combo Adapter
Compaq Fiber Channel Touble shooting Kit 30-52061-01
Intel SR1600UR Switching 600W Power Supply E30381-004
IBM MT7311 400MM 1BT 13.5Ft Cable New 26R0817 45R6155
Lot-199 DB15 F/F 15-Pin VGA Gender Changer DB15FF-L199 GEN-VED
PC Card, PCMCIA Media Card, and CF Adapter Cases 1 LOT = 50 cases
Lot-125 Connector Socket 32 POS PLCC032-TM-N-TR-L125
Lot-97 HP 2530P Optical Drv DVDROM Bezel 599503-002-L97 72522332006
Lot-48 HP LS-4026P SATA Drive Adapter 495027-001-L48 507910-001
HP DesignJet T7100 Svs Cable And right Switch CQ101-67001 New Retail
Lot-113 12in M-2F Y-Splitter Power Cable 296563-005-L113 Male to (2x) Female NEW
Media Bus Toaster High Performance SCSI II HD Adapter, NMC00505
IBM MT8863 X-Series 3-Meter Scalability Cable 25K9604
NEW Quatech QSC-100 RS-232 4 Port PCI Asynchronous Serial Board DB25 Cable Rev B
HP 3Par 2-Port iSCSI Adapter Class 640973-001 For E, F, S and T Class
Lot-74 Chassis Intrusion Switch Assy NEW 8005419-L74
Lot-10 HP HDD SAS To SATA Adapter New 398291-001-L10
Sandisk Ultra microSDHC Card - 32GB, Class 10, UHS
Intel Server Accessory Kit New D47695-005 ASR1500EESPR
Lot-50 Philips FFC 15P-L120m FFC Cable NEW 40R7708-L50 W20mm 314107020721
Lot-10 Waber 6-Outlet w RJ11 Surge Protector SWT6NT-L10 3-Outlets is surge prote
IBM 27in 685mm SAS CABLE Assy New 95P4084 Length: 27-inches / 685 mm
Lot-132 Dell Green Plastic HDD Rails 87VYR-L132 132-Pairs of Rails w/ Screws
Lot-50 24pin CardEdge Female IDC Connector 40T2262-L50 for Flex cable
IBM MT9119 15-Meter 49.2Ft Ethernet Cable 05N5292
Sixnet BT-5600v2 EVDO Mobile GPS Modem
Sixnet BT-5800v2 HSPA Mobile GPS Modem
Intel RAID Maintenance Free Backup Unit AXXRMFBU2 with G50073-303 79571-03
HP 3PAR 2-Port iSCSI Adapter 979-200112
Intel Xeon Phi 1.238GHz 16G 61C Coprocessor SC7120A New Pull
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Lenovo ThinkPad Helix (Core-i Processor, 8GB RAM)
Lenovo also says that the Helix has the brightest display on a ThinkPad computer--at 400 nits ... It's similar to those found on other tablets with dock accessories--you hold down on a button to free the tablet and then detach it from the dock.
Top-Brand 2013 Home Routers at Computer Valley Canada
D-Link - DIR-601: With 300Mbps, the DIR-601 offers home wireless coverage at the usual Computer Valley low price, while other features include wireless network protection set ... location via an application on a tablet or smartphone. The EA range at ...
Razer Edge Tablet: An Entire Gaming PC in a Tablet
The Razer Edge is a total desktop/gaming computer, shoved into a 10-inch tablet. Unlike some other Windows 8 machines claiming to ... and the ability to play it with killer accessories like the controller case. The big question then is if anyone will ...
Tablet Computers: Six Things to Look For Before Purchasing
If you’re thinking about purchasing a tablet computer, here are six things that you’re going ... If you don’t trust the manufactures’ claim, be sure to see what other reviewers are saying online about their battery life. #3 Reviews Yes, these ...
Designing a tablet PC for business
HP Canada’s Phil Smith weighs in on the current generation of new, more enterprise-friendly tablet computers SPONSORED CONTENT – Discussion of tablet PCs in business has been historically associated with the ‘bring your own computer’ (BYOC ...
How to turn your tablet computer into a mobile office
Edit your docs on your tablet on the train and they’ll be up to date on your computer when you get to the office ... spreadsheets with detailed functionality and integration with other devices. And for presentations, Keynote (£6.99) is equally ...