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2 Port SATA to PCI Sil3114 Serial ATA RAID PCI Controller Adapter Card 3TBx2 HDD
Adaptec AUA-1422 USB/IEEE 1394 FireWire CarBus Adapter Laptop PC Card PCMCIA NEW
Adaptec AUA-1420 2-Port USB 2.0 CardBus Adapter Laptop Notebook PC Card NEW
New OEM Dell Latitude E-Series Expansion Module AE3USB01 OP5MKF 2 USB 3.0 Ports
USB External Video Graphic Card With HDMI Output For Desktop Laptop PC Mac
Expresscard Express card 34/54 to 2 x USB 3.0 Port Adapter (Fully Inside Laptop)
Best Windows 8 gaming laptops
The good: This gaming-optimized Windows 8 tablet has onboard Nvidia graphics, offers plenty of ways to play games via extra accessories, and is relatively easy to set up. The bad: It's not, in fact, a laptop, but a laptop dock accessory is supposed to be ...
Can a $50 mini PC replace your desktop? We tested 3 of them to find out
While instructions ship with the Androids, they’re obviously written by someone who isn’t a native English speaker and can be hard to ... Wi-Fi we were immediately able to browse the Web and download apps. The devices detected our USB wireless keyboard ...
This $100 Samsung Accessory Represents the Future of Computing
Salvatore "Sam" is a member of The Motley Fool Blog Network -- entries represent the personal ... Rather than carry around a smartphone, tablet, laptop and use a desktop at the office; some day in the future, users will be able to replace all of these ...
Best upgrades and add-ons for your computer
There's a third option, however: You can still breathe new life into your aging computer by picking up the right add-ons and accessories ... and video cards While they might not be as sexy as a sleek new monitor or designer laptop skins ...
Accessorize it: Hot smartphone, tablet add-ons for summer
Accessories ... one of the following add-ons to help you get more out of your smartphone or tablet this season. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 Smartphones and tablets have a number of benefits over personal computers – they’re more portable ...
2 Port USB 3.0 Upgrade For Apple MacBook Pro 15"/17" ** ExpressCard 34 Adapter
PCI Express Card to USB 3.0 2 Port Adapter 34 mm Converter
Dual e-SATA eSATA to ExpressCard Express Card Adapter
2-Port USB 2.0 CardBus PC Card Adapter CompUSA
Transcend JetDrive Lite 128GB Retina rMBP 13" JDL330
Dynex DX-UC202 USB 2.0 Notebook Card 480Mbps - FREE S/H
Composite RCA A/V S-Video To USB Converter DVR Recorder Adapter For PC Mac
STLab C-171 2-Port Serial ATA SATA PCMCIA CardBus Card
Express Card Expresscard 54mm to USB 3.0x2 Port Adapter NECXG 5Gbps BC618T
Transcend JetDrive Lite 128GB Retina rMBP 13" JDL330
New PCMCIA to USB 2.0 CardBus 2 Port 480M Inside hide
2 Port USB 3.0 ExpressCard|34 Adapter For Apple MacBookPro 15"/17" *OSX 10.8.2+
New PCMCIA CardBus LPT Parallel Printer Adapter For Laptop Notebook US Stock
SIIG USB to Expresscard Adaptor
Lexar Jumpdrive M20c USB Type-C+USB 3.0 flashdrive 32GB
Lot 2 Belkin Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Notebook Cards F5U222 Win 98SE/2000/Me/XP
Mini Display Port / Thunderbolt To VGA Adapter Cable 4K 1080p For PC Mac
PCMCIA to USB 2.0 NEC HUB CardBus Dual Card 480M Adapter for PC Windows XP 7 8
Mini PCIe to PCI express 16X Riser for Laptop External Video Card EXP GDC Miner
USB 2.0 4 Ports HUB PCMCIA Cardbus Adapter For Laptop
Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480A ULTRA SCSI CardBus Adapter w/ Cables / Manuals / Software
Mini Pci-e to USB3.0 Adapter Expand Card Mini Pcie USB Mpci-e Plug and Play M1G1
SODIAL(R)3 Port USB 3.0 Express Card 54mm PCMCIA Express Card for Laptop NEW ED
NEW GENUINE Dell E-Series USB 3.0 Expansion Module AE3USB01 P5MKF 0P5MKF B1
APS SCSI Doc HDI-30 to D-Sub 25 adapter
NEW ATTO TECHNOLOGY Expsas R680 Raid Adapter ESAS-R680-000
Accurite HeadstartCard PCMCIA Prototyping Kit
Adaptec POCMCI Slim ULTRA-SCSI CardBus Adapter w/ Cables, Disc, manual
4-port serial RS232 PCMCIA CardBus card, Serial Gear brand
Accurite PC ExtenderCard/ReportCard Kit PCMCIA Diagnostic 700120
Lot of (48) New Sealed Best Connectivity USB 2.0 CardBus Cards
PCMCIA WiFi and USB Adapter
HP HG271TT Barcode Printing Upgrade
NEW Lexar 64GB 3.0 USB JumpDrive C20i For iPhone /iPad /iPod LJDC20I-64GB $0 S&H
New 3 USB3.0 Ports to Express Card Type II Extender Adapter Card for Notebook PC
RS232 DB9 Serial I/O Port to PCMCIA 34mm PC CardBus Adapter Laptop Notebook- USA
NEC NEC Digital Remote Access Unit SN862 DRE-A (SN862 DRE-A)
Adaptec SlimSCSI APA-1480A SCSI CardBus Kit with Cables/Manuals/Software
Magma ExpressBox1 ExpressCard/34 to 1x PCI Express Slot for Notebooks (EB1H)
16-2117-01 128MB PCMCIA Flash Card Cisco
Adaptec SlimSCSI 16 Bit PCMCIA SCSI-2 Card - New - Slim SCSI - 1994 Vintage
Syba SD-EXPC34-1S2 JMB Chipset 1x e-SATA Ports, 34mm, Up to 3.0Gb/s ExpressCard
USB 2.0 4-PORT Cardbus
Addonics CardBus USB 2.0 Adapter (ADCBUSB2)
Corvus PC BUS TRANSPORTER 8010-11991-04
2 Port ExpressCard 1394a FireWire Laptop Adapter Card
Adaptec FireConnect for Notebooks - FireWire adapter - CardBus - Firewire - 3 po
StarTech EC1394B2 2 Port ExpressCard 1394b FireWire Laptop Adapter
Addonics Mini SAS / 4-port SATA ExpressCard 34 Adapter
NEW Lot of 10 BUSlink 2 Port Serial ATA SATA Cardbus
Sonnet Pro Dual Compact Flash Adapter ExpressCard/34 #CFRW2X-E34
STARTECH EC13942 2 Port ExpressCard 1304a Laptop Notebook Firewire Adapter Card
DHDT-DHEC13942A2-Expresscard 1394 Firewire Card
NEC Digital Remote Access Unit SN862 DRE-A
StarTech EC13942A2 2Port ExpressCard 1394a FireWire Laptop Adapter Card -2x6-pin
PCMCIA Cardbus to Dual RS232 Serial Adapter
Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480A SCSI CardBus Adapter w/ Cables / Manuals / Software (New)
STEC-EC13942-2 Port ExpressCard Laptop 1394a FireWire Adapter Card
Lexar 64GB 3.0 USB JumpDrive C20i For iPhone /iPad /iPod
Adaptec 1450B SLIMSCSI Controller Card 1680400 APA-1450B PCMCIA Interface
NEW STARTECH.COM 2port Expresscard Firewire EC13942
Dell P5MKF E-Series USB 3.0 Expansion Module AE3USB01 - NEW
DHDT-DHCBUSB22-2x Cardbus USB Card Adapter
SIIG USB to ExpressCard (JU-EP0012-S1)
New IBM 43R1984 ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter II
STEC-EC13942A2-2 Port ExpressCard 1394a FireWire Laptop Adapter Card
Mini PCIe to PCI express 16X Riser for Laptop External Video Card EXP GDC Miner
Omega DA8P-12B-OM PCMCIA P/N 910-4004-03B
LOT OF 10 HD50 to VHCD68 Cable 6 feet SCSI Cable Brand New Quantity Available
NEW GENUINE Dell E-Series USB 3.0 Expansion Module AE3USB01 P5MKF
StarTech EC1S232U2 1 Port ExpressCard to RS232 DB9 Serial Adapter Card w/ 16950
$38.07 2 Port CardBus Laptop USB 2.0 PC Card Adapter (CBUSB2
NEC Digital Remote Unit
Expresscard 1394 Firewire Card
Transcend JetDrive Lite 350 Expansion Card for Macbook Pro 15" Retina 
IOGear Hi-Speed USB 2.0 CardBus GPU202 New
USB 2.0 4-PORT Cardbus New
Syba SD-EXPC34-1S2 JMB Chipset 1x e-SATA Ports, 34mm, Up to 3.0Gb/s Expre... New
2 Port ExpressCard 1394a FireWire Laptop Adapter Card
Silverstone Tek EC02 Slim ExpressCard/34 USB 3.0 ExpressCard Adapter
Adaptec SlimSCSI 1460 PC Card for Portable PCs APA-1460B Kit
Adaptec APA- 1460D SlimSCSI PC Card Kit Adapter PCMCIA SCSI 1807600-R
External USB 3.0 To HDMI Video Graphic Adapter For PC Mac Systems
Apiotek eSATA II 300 ExpressCard Adapter for Notebook/Laptop Express Card Slot
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Diamond Multimedia Announce DS3900 USB Docking Station with Dual Video Powered by DisplayLink’s Award Winning DL-3900
“DisplayLink and Diamond Multimedia have partnered on several products including wired and wireless PC to TV such as the VStream Wireless UWB product. We are excited to add DisplayLink USB Docking to their well established product portfolio,” said John ...
HP ElitePad 900 Launched in India at Rs 43500: All That You Need To Know
Powered by next-generation Intel mobile processors, the HP ElitePad delivers PC productivity for those ... delivers an enterprise-class desktop experience with an added keyboard and monitor and also charges the tablet. HP Executive Tablet Pen-lets ...
Sony Duo 11 Ultrabook review: Blurring the line between tablet and laptop
Well, the Duo 11 is not just a tablet ... the laptop is in sleep mode. The machine also provides two video output ports, the aging VGA connector (useful for projectors), and an HDMI output port. The left side houses a flash memory card reader ...
How to buy the best laptop in the age of Windows 8
Should you buy a laptop at all, or would a tablet better suit your needs ... Shared family PC: Many families used to share a small PC in the living room or family room. Desktop replacement laptops—gargantuan systems with 17-inch or larger ...
Diamond Multimedia DS3900 USB Docking Station Announced
Today, Diamond Multimedia offers a diverse portfolio of complete multimedia solutions. Ranging from ATI Radeon graphics cards and video capture devices to set top boxes and a wide range of consumer electronics accessories, the company is committed to ...
HP ElitePad 900 G1 tablet
adds a wired keyboard to the tablet, so that it can be used as a laptop, as well as ports and an SD card reader, and a slot to house an optional digitiser pen. (This Jacket wasn't listed on HP's Web site at the time of writing). There is also an Expansion ...